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COVID19 Test Kit-Coronavirus 2019 Detection Methods Evaluation

Coronavirus Test Kit (Research)


Conronavirus outbreak worldwide

Till March 5, 2020, total confirm 119,276 cases in the world! China 80,565 cases, international cases up to 38,711. South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Germany, France, Spain are critical in the outbreak period. It will become a worldwide threat to all human being. COVID19 Test Kit is rapid test specially design to detect coronavirus 2019, only 15 minutes to confirm the results. This new and updates of evaluation reports for COVID19 Test Kit.

Coronavirus IgG/IgM Test Kit (COVID19 TEST KIT)

After infected voronavirus will generate IgG & IgM antibody in serum. The latest detection method is assay the level of IgG & IgM to confirm voronavirus infection. How these antibodies changes in the infection period? Here tell you the truth, see the below image show information.
IgG & IgM Level Trends
This detection method are recommended in China and worldwide, it’s supper simple to use, short time to detect, no more skill require.

Cases Study & Evaluation

Cases Study 1

1. 21 Positive Cases: 2 cases IgM positive; 18 cases IgG positive
2. 10 Positive Cases: 2 cases IgM positive; 10 cases IgG positive
3. 4 Positive Cases: 4 cases IgM positive; 4 cases IgG positive
4. 8 Positive Cases: both IgM & IgG positive in total cases
5. 20 Positive Cases: both IgM & IgG positive in total cases

Cases Study 2

1. Negative Cases: total 68 cases are negative results, 100% accuracy
2. Positive Cases: total 46 cases accuracy 70% after infected in 4-10days; 100% accuracy in 11-24days after coronavirus infected

Accuracy Study

1. PBS as specimen: negative result
2. Influenza infection specimen: negative result
3. Health person specimen: negative result
4. Positive case 1: positive
5. Positive cases 2: positive
6. Positive 1 specimen dilute at 1:500 ; positive result
7. Positive 2 speciment dilute at 1:1000; positive result
Various specimen evaluation with COVID19 TEST KIT


Positive result:

1. IgG & IgM: C, G, M lines are visible, both positive
2. IgG positive: C & G lines are visible
3. IgM positive: C & M lines are visible

Negative: Only C line visible

Invalid: C line invisible

COVID19 test results

Nucleic Acid Test and COVID19 Test Comparison

Nucleic Acid Test VS COVID19 TEST

Guideline for prevention of COVID19

How to protect yourself out of coronavirus?
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